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Established in 2018, Adventures with Colby (AwC) is a top-tier expedition company rooted in Malawi, Africa. Their specialization spans a wide spectrum of outdoor activities and community-based tourism initiatives, offering a diverse range of experiences. These encompass safari adventures featuring game drives and river cruises, hiking escapades, camping excursions, team-building programs for businesses, and personalized honeymoon packages.

With a highly skilled and experienced team at the helm, AwC is fully prepared to oversee every aspect of your journey, tailored to your interests, physical abilities, and scheduling preferences. Whether it's organizing transportation logistics from airports or hotels or ensuring a seamless transition into the heart of your adventure, AwC's unwavering commitment is to create an unforgettable experience. Don't delay any further – simply share your destination and timeline and entrust us to handle the rest!
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Who are We

We are a blend of talented professionals and a diverse, dynamic team. Our driving force is to help clients enhance their Malawi and southern Africa experience by offering a wide range of engaging community projects, thrilling events, sports, excursions, and tours across Malawi and southern Africa.

We offer both pre-arranged and on-location services. Customized offerings allow us to understand our clients' needs, ensuring a personalized experience that guarantees their full satisfaction, sparks curiosity, and maintains their motivation.
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Our Driving Force

We are team of professional and energetic. Our purpose derives from the need to enhance and discover Malawi through a series of fun, outdoor activities.
Who we work with

Our Partners

We are part of the initiative where GIZ Malawi and the "More Income and Employment in Rural Areas" (GIZ MIERA-ICM) project have collaborated to develop sustainable community campsites and trails in Rumphi and Blantyre districts. This initiative empowers local communities by creating jobs for tour guides, food providers, artisans, and porters, leading to social, economic, and environmental benefits. The project is designed to be fully managed by the communities involved, ensuring long-term community ownership and development.
By promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices, our partnership with Positive Impact Tourism aims to enhance the well-being of local communities in Malawi and Southern Africa. Through collaborative efforts, we seek to foster cultural exchange, preserve natural resources, and contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the regions we operate in.
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The track record

Our Achievements

Our Achievements ever since we started

Since our inception, we have collaborated with the German international cooperation agency (GIZ) to build community campsites in both the southern and northern regions of Malawi, involving the participation of over 2000 community members.

We maintain ongoing partnerships with various international organizations, educational institutions, both in Malawi and abroad, with the aim of showcasing and marketing Malawi as a travel destination.

Currently, we are in the process of establishing an outdoor safari campsite in Mzuzu, situated in the Northern Region of Malawi.

We have collaborated with the African Development Bank to enhance our business model and expand our operations through engagements with diverse communities.

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