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Mount Kilimanjaro Hike – Tanzania

October 28 @ 8:00 am - November 5 @ 5:00 pm

Welcome to the exhilarating world of high-altitude adventure with “Adventures with Colby,” your gateway to extraordinary experiences! Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey as we invite you to conquer the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, culminating in the breathtaking summit of Uhuru Peak at 5895 meters (19341 feet) above sea level.

Our meticulously crafted package, priced at $2,270 per head, encompasses everything you need for an unforgettable Mount Kilimanjaro hike. As you prepare to ascend the roof of Africa, take a moment to explore the comprehensive list of inclusions:

Fee Inclusions:

  1. Accommodation: Two nights in the vibrant city of Arusha, including the arrival day and the day preceding the climb.
  2. Mountain Accommodation: Ensuring your comfort during the trek with strategically located accommodations on Mount Kilimanjaro.
  3. Meals: Fuel your adventure with nourishing and delicious meals throughout the journey.
  4. Guides and Porters: Experienced guides and dedicated porters to assist you, enhancing safety and support during the hike.
  5. Transport: Seamless transportation from Arusha to Kilimanjaro and back, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  6. Gear: A comprehensive set of essential gear for your expedition, including a fleece jacket, rain jacket, poncho, trekking poles, summit trousers, and headlamp.
  7. Activities: Engage in a variety of activities designed to enhance your overall experience and create lasting memories.

Fee Exclusions: While our package is all-encompassing, it’s essential to note the exclusions:

  1. Air Tickets: Travel to and from Tanzania is not included in the package.
  2. Personal Food and Snacks: Any additional snacks or personal food preferences are excluded.
  3. Personal Hiking Gear: Participants are responsible for their individual hiking gear beyond the provided essentials.
  4. Personal Medical Insurance: Ensure your safety with personal medical insurance, not covered in the package.
  5. Other Expenses: Any incidental expenses not explicitly mentioned in the fee package are the responsibility of the participant.

With “Adventures with Colby,” rest assured that every detail of your Mount Kilimanjaro hike has been meticulously arranged to provide an unparalleled adventure. Embrace the challenge, conquer the heights, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

October 28 @ 8:00 am - November 5 @ 5:00 pm