Mulanje Mountain Hike

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Mulanje is Malawi’s tallest mountain, and the magnitude of this truly magnificent mountain must be seen to be appreciated. Its bare rock flanks reach 10,000ft (3,000m), dwarfing everything that surrounds it. Mulanje is actually a 650-square-kilometre massif of syenite and granite. River erosion along lines of weakness on the rock has resulted in deep clefts striking back into the mountain’s heart. Cauldron-like hollows have formed where they meet. The resulting landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, with basins/plateaux, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, and no less than 20 peaks rising above 2,500 meters.

The Mountain is known as the “island in the sky” by locals because it rises almost sheer from the plains below, which have an average elevation of only 650m. Unlike some of the world’s peaks, which are somewhat ‘hidden’ in surrounding ranges, there is a genuine sense of wonder and awe as you approach Mulanje and see it looming over everything.


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Dziwe wa Nkhalamba, the Falls are an impressive sight, and particularly powerful in the rainy season. The Likhubula river cascades over a 10-12 m drop into a large pool ideal for swimming. The falls are just a short walk from the access road

Likhubula to Mount Mulanje Cabins (chambe, chisepo, Sapitwa Peak, lichenya, and some peaks)

Boma path to chisepo, Sapitwa, west peak, south peak, lichenya)

Elephant head path, milk run path, chapaluka path etc

Scrambling peaks, spectacular waterfalls, and sumptuous pools combine with charming huts amidst rolling grasslands - The Ruo Loop provides the full Mulanje experience. This 4-day circular route starts and ends in the midst of the beautiful Lujeri Tea Estate.

Madzeka path, skyline path, Fort lister path-to different peaks and cabins etc.

Minunu path, skyline path, three peaks challenge (Sapitwa, west peak, south peak) etc.

The Grand Traverse is an epic trek that crosses the full length of Mulanje and touches Sapitwa, its highest point. The route takes you from Mulanje town on the SW of the mountain to Phalombe on the NE. It's a 5-day trek, though could be easily extended by adding any of the peaks along the route.


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